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Veliko Tarnovo City District


The New Urban Center, located on the site of the former Military School by the edge of the valley defined by the Yantra River. A place first mentioned in the 13th Century, which still remains an iconic city of contemporary Bulgarian life. The cultural heritage of the Military School will be assimilated into the New Urban Center’s revitalized ecological framework.

The identity of the area is further developed by a robust hierarchical structure of urban green spaces, such as; alleys, boulevards, parks and squares which brings nature closer to urban life. Within this green network we identify two district centers, an urban plaza, a commercial-centre, an active neighbourhood square, village common, a central boulevard, a green belt, a sports Park and an educational Campus.

The masterplan is composed of a number of neighbourhoods, each with their own distinctive atmosphere that are all seamlessly integrated into the surrounding urban and natural structures. With the central train station, the several regional bus stops and a well-connected highway infrastructure within walking distance, the New Urban Center will be extremely well connected to Veliko Tarnovo and its public transport network and the province. Short distances and strong connections between living, working and leisure spaces will ensure a high standard of civic space.

Furthermore the semi-public urban spaces with residential building blocks complement the public space offering, designed to accommodate specific housing related functions such as community gardens, day-care playgrounds and neighbourhood meeting points. This broad spectrum of public to private green spaces offer a wide range of program for future residents and visitors alike.

Status: Competition (not won)
Location: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Size: 228.000 m2
Client: Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo
Program: Masterplan for a new urban center in a Military School – site
Team: Alexander Petrounine, Marco Papagni, Patricija Galkiewicz, Silvia Diomedi, Mariagrazia Dalò
Published: Veliko Tarnovo Center