Alexander Petrounine is a spatial designer, currently based in Amsterdam (NL). He has an extensive experience working across scales in the field of architecture, urban design and urban planning in The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Colombia.

He graduated in Architecture, Urbanism and The Built Environment in 2019 from the Delft University of Technology. During his studies he participated in several design competitions both collectively and individually.
Over the period of his university studies, he has been actively involved in practice, working on numerous international projects, from collaborating directly with sole practitioners to working in larger offices. During this time he has been gaining diverse architectural experience working on multiple building typologies across all sectors of work, from conceptual design to complete built projects.

Alexander's personal fascination and interest is the insertion of public spatial interventions, which deal with the notion of temporality and phenomenology in the contemporary urban environment.

This website only includes self-initiated or collaborative work and as thus not include any work done part of an architecture office.